#Keepcharging with Power Practical

Have an idea you think is Shark Tankworthy? Power Practical did, and they were right. This awesome northwest eco-friendly startup won the heart of Shark Tank icon Mark Cuban. From there, the brand hit the grindstone. From cutting edge technology in hydro and thermo electrics as well as being beautifully branded, this company makes a product as cool as the hype. We met at Salt Lake's Outdoor Retailer and soon after, received our first box of equipment to test out. In it:  The Power Pot 5 and a Lithium 4400 Rechargeable battery. A few weeks later we headed to the woods to test it out on our first overnighter of the season.

Success all around. With our new gear we were able to charge our phones after an evening of Iphonography and boil water for a fresh cup of coffee all in the same ten minutes. The product was a breeze to use and will now be officially part our our Essentials kit for future adventures. Thanks Power Practical! We'll be sure to #keepcharging